Terra Aquatica pH- 0.5L, 1L

Size: 0.5L


Reliable pH control and buffering for hydroponics, coconut fiber and soil.

Terra Aquatica pH- can do more than a pure acid : it makes an important contribution to the nutrient balance of the solution.

For the production of Terra Aquatica pH- we combine the strengths of three acids that are usually used separately in hydroponics, which has disadvantages, into a balanced mixture that has only advantages.

Phosphoric and nitric acids in Terra Aquatica pH- perform the main task of regulating the pH at the beginning. Their ratio is adjusted in such a way that it does not affect the N/K ratio in the growth and bloom phase and no residues form on the tank surface, which happens with phosphoric acid alone in hard water. Then biological citric acid takes over. Thanks to its buffering effect, it compensates for pH fluctuations that occur later on, keeps the nutrient solution stable and compensates for calcium surpluses in areas with hard water.

CAUTION: always wear suitable protective clothing when handling strong acids/bases.

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