Size: 480ml


The famous SUPERthrive is a great plant tonic and general growth promoter. SUPERthrive is not a fertiliser - it is an additive.
SUPERthrive is a highly concentrated vitamin solution. As a humans plants need more than one vitamin for optimum growth. SUPERthrive is full of vitamins.


  • Use SUPERthrive on any plant at any stage of growth or flower.
  • It can be used in hydro-seeding, hydroponics and foliar spraying.
  • SUPEthrive will produce dramatically healthier plants and will help to guard against transplant shock.
  • It helps develop earlier and larger flowers.
  • Secure your transplants, revive stressed plants and produce abundant yields with SUPERthrive.
  • It can also be used to revive sick plants or to help plants recover from any stress.
  • SUPERthrive can be used on seeds to help during germination and get earlier vegetable and flower crops.
  • Restores plant vigor


House Plants, Outdoor plants, General Use,: Weekly/Monthly: 1 ml / 3 L (1 drop / 100 ml)
Seedlings - Keep soil moist. May use weekly or alternate weeks: 1 ml / 3 L
Seeds/Bulbs : Soak at the rate of 1 ml / 3 L for 15 min. or longer depending on size and type
Tender Plants: As little as 1 drop per 4 L
Foliar Spray: 15 ml /10 L. Spray both sides of leaves for full absorption
Hydroponics: 0.3-1.3 ml / 3 L when changing or adding water
Hydro-seeding: 1 ml / 25 L
Transplanting: 13 ml / 10 L
Bare-root Soak: Roses: 8 ml/20 L for 15-30 mins. Trees: 13 ml / 10 L for 30 min
Turf and Lawns: 65 ml / 200 L for approx. 150 sq. ft
Trees & Woody Plants: may use 1 ml / 3 L weekly or monthly. Trees needing extra care: 10-15 ml / 10 L
Christmas Trees (Indoors) : Keep fresh with 1 drop per 100 ml in water in tree stand
For living Trees: 1 drop per 100 ml in water on soil every 3 to 4 days

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