Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom

Size: 3 x 0.5L


 pH Perfect Grow, Micro and Bloom are three-part base nutrients for growth and bloom. These nutrients are formulated to help maintain the pH of the nutrient solution automatically, reducing the need for manual pH adjustments, while delivering a wide range of bioavailable nutrients to produce bountiful harvests.

  • Optimal ratios of micro, secondary, and macronutrients unlock plant potential
  • Free yourself from tedious pH adjustment with pH Perfect® technology
  • Encourage maximum nutrient absorption through a surfactant and chelation provided by humic acids in the medium



First add Micro to water, mix. Then add Grow, mix and finally add Bloom and mix. Do not make a concentrate from Grow, Bloom and Micro! Add only one at a time to the water.
1 ml/1L for small seedlings
2 ml/1L for small plants
4 ml/1L for large plants

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