Venture Sunmaster MH (Metal Halide) lamps, 250W, 400W, 600W, 1000W

Size: 250W


The Sunmaster Cool Deluxe from Venture Lighting is a growth phase lamp  operating from a mains voltage of 220-240 V. You operate this metal halogen lamp at a mains frequency of 50 Hz. The Venture Sunmaster Cool Deluxe has an impressively long operating life and consists of a clear T46 envelope and an E40 threaded fitting.

Thanks to the outstanding luminous intensity these discharge lamps has an impressive lighting efficiency. With its colour temperature , the neutral white colouring and the white-blue colour spectrum, this high-quality lamps from Venture Lighting particularly stimulates the vegetative growth phase of plants.

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 250 W, 19000 lm,  76 lm/W.

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 400 W, 32000 lm,  80 lm/W.

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 600 W, 50000 lm,   83 lm/W.

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 1000 W, 80000 lm,   80 lm/W.


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