House & Garden Topshooter 0.25L, 0.5L, 1L

Size: 1L


House & Garden Shooting Powder and Top Shooter are the secret behind every successful grower. These bud expanders are the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators. Giving visible results and works brilliantly with all base nutrients. Our revolutionary flower expanders are available in powder or liquid form, same great results, the choice is yours. House & Garden Shooting Powder and Top Shooter are extremely powerful stimulants so only use if your plant is significantly healthy as it is a very strong agent that demands much from the plant. • Triggers your plants into initiating a second cycle of new flower development.

• Continuous cell division.

• Foaming bloom expander.

• Visible results in 2 days.

• Builds flowers on flowers on flowers.

• Outweighs the competition.

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