HESI pH+, 1L



Hesi Ph+ 1L

Increases the pH level in food solution for growing and flowering plants.

The pH value of food solutions is very important.

A high pH level stimulates creation of insoluble compounds, a low pH level damages the roots.
The pH-value is crucial for cultivating plants. 

If it is too high, the creation of insoluble compounds are increased.

It it is too low, the roots will be damaged.
  • Optimal pH-value: 5,8 - 6,2;
  • Measure the pH-value after you have added all componants of the fertilizer;
  • If the value is too low, add Hesi PH+ to correct it;
  • When you're doing this the first time you have to approach to the optimum slowly step by step (if necessary, drop-wise);
  • Then note the final amount for possible later applications.
  • 50% Caliumhydroxid (corrosive!)

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