HESI pH- Grow, 1L



Reduces the pH level in food solutions for plants IN GROWTH.
The pH value of food solutions is very important.
A pH level too high stimulates the creation of insoluble compounds, a pH level too low damages the roots.
Optimal value: pH 5,8 - 6,2.
  • After adding all fertilizers, measure the pH level in the bin;
  • When the pH level is too high, dose with Hesi pH-;
  • By first use: start with small amounts (drops if necessary), note down the right dosage for later use.
  • Contains 38% corrosive NITRIC ACID.
WARNING! Contains acid, causes scalds. Do not make contact with skin or eyes. Use protective clothing (gloves, eye wear). On contact, rinse with large amounts of water! In case of complaints consult doctor and show this label! Keep out of reach of children!

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