HESI Houseplant Elixir, 0.5L, 1 L

Size: 0.5L


The special thing about houseplants is that they live in relatively small pots and therefore quickly use up all the nutrients and water. You can use this product for all cultivation methods. They come from different parts of the world and we want to supply all these different varieties with one and the same fertiliser. Therefore we developed the HousePlant Elixir, which offers the ideal nutrient supply for every indoor plant. 

The nutrients in HousePlant Elixir are combined in such a way that even limited environments like small pots remain vibrant. 

In addition to the basic nutrients, HousePlant Elixir offers a wide range of vital substances that enable a complete biotope to develop in a small flower pot.

- Fertilise only during the growth and flowering period.
- The less light, the less fertiliser.
- HousePlant Elixir is low in salt, ideal for house plants.

Dose & dosage

- Irrigation slow-growing plants: 2 ml / 1 L 
- Irrigation fast-growing plants: 3-5 ml / 1 L 
- Foliar fertilisation: 1 ml / 1 L

Regularly, 1-4 times per month.

Note: Since the water supply is higher for fast-growing plants, they automatically get more fertiliser as well.

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