Fabric Pot 5L, 7L, 11L, 15L, 19L, 26.5L, 37L

Size: 5L


Fabric pots are designed for indoor and outdoor use, commercial nurseries, organic growers and home gardeners.

Fabric pots are washable and degradable and the quality is never compromised.

The Fabric Pots allow lots of aeration and will air-prune your plant’s roots to create a dense radial root system.
• Tough Fabric construction
• Uses “air-pruning” to encourage a dense and fibrous radial root system
• Effectively eliminates root circling around the sides of the pot
• Reduces the time it takes to develop a thick root system
• Increased performance over conventional pots
• Can be folded flat for storage
• Biodegradable, Reusable
• East to Store & Transport
• Fabric pot encourages healthy root growth
• Stronger plants
• Superior drainage and aeration
• Faster Growth

5L - ø20cm, h16cm
7L - ø20cm, h23cm
11L - ø25cm, h23cm
15L - 25x25x25cm
19L - ø25cm, h33cm
26L - 30x30x28cm
37L - 35x35x32cm



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