GIB Lighting CMH Full Spectrum 315W 4200K



Ceramic metal halide lamps are a further development of metal halide lamps. The advantages of classic HPS technology have been incorporated in their development. Unlike a classic HPS lamp, a CMH lamp has a ceramic burner.

  • Full spectrum 
  • Incredible for the vegetative stage
  • More natural formation of branch inter-nodes for increased plant mass
  • Increased UV emission ideally prepares plants for outdoor growing
  • May be used as standalone or supplementary lighting
  •  Longevity: 20.000h
  • Compact size: diameter - 39mm, length -195 mm
  • 34000 Lumen
  • Colour temperature:  4200K
  • Energy Consumption: 315W
  • PPF 530 µmol/s
  • Base: PGZX18

Must be used with CMH ballast!

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