Terra Aquatica pH- (powder), 0.5kg, 1kg

Size: 0.5kg


pH - Powder:

Unique dry powder pH management solution for hydroponics, coco and soil.

The only dry powder pH adjuster on the market today

A unique product in the industry: inert when dry, GHE pH - Powder becomes a potent acid when mixed with water.

pH regulation is an essential practice for all growers: it makes mineral salts available and stabilizes chelates, but for shops who offer mail order, sending liquid acids by post can be a risky matter - sometimes restricted by postal authorities. GHE pH - Powder avoids these problems making shipping and transport much easier.

As well as adjusting pH regulation, GHE pH - Powder can be used (at high concentration) to clean and disinfect lines and systems, at low concentration use as a foliar spray to clean pesticide residue from leaves, and finally, it also gives a nutritive boost to plants by providing:

  • Nitrates, in a form that supports growth without compromising flowering.
  • Phosphates for strong flowering, root health, lush foliage and harmonious growth. 

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