Digital PH Meter



Digital PH Meter

This Digital pH Meter is an affordable alternative to other higher priced pH meters available on the market. It accurately measures the pH level of your nutrient system within your hydroponic system within a measurement range of 0.0 – 14.0 pH. This makes it a handy accessory for growers using a hydroponic reservoir and nutrient solutions, to allow them to recognise whether their nutrient solution is correctly adjusted to achieve the best plant growth.

  • Perfect for beginners and less experienced growers
  • Highly effective and accurate
  • Measures pH levels of nutrient solutions within hydroponic reservoir systems
  • Measurement range of 0.0 – 14.0 pH

How to Use

Calibrate the stick. Place the meter into a buffer solution, the pen will need adjusting if it reads different to your buffer solution pH level. For example, if using buffer 7 and getting a reading of 9, adjust the dial on the back until it reads the correct number. This will sufficiently calibrate your system.

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