CO2 Boost wiht pump



It's well known that increased concentrations of carbon dioxide increase photosynthesis, spurring plant growth and some of it is used in respiration, where the plant breaks down sugars to get energy.

CO2 Boost is  system for naturally generating CO2 consisting of a bucket and pump. CO2 Boost is a natural product that operates in conjunction with light cycles. As plants only absorb CO2 when they are exposed to light, switching the pump off when the light is off is recommended. The CO2 Boost should be set to run synchronous with the light cycle. For best results, position the hose directly above the plants and let it hang down. If you are using a light rail system, where the lamps move back and forth, attach the hose to the carriage that moves with the lamp to ensure that all plants are fed an even supply. A further possible use it is to attach the hose to the back of a recirculation fan. This distributes the natural CO2 throughout the entire room. - Odour free - 100% natural - Light weighing - Cost efficient - Easy to use

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