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Soil and Compost Tea

A rich soil life is of extreme importance for the organic cultivation of plants. Bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms break-down organic matter and convert it into nutrients for plants. The larger and more diverse the range of bacteria and fungi in the soil or the potting soil, the better the plants will grow. This has a direct impact on the health of plants and their yield. A rich soil life, moreover, provides more than just food for plants. A rich soil life also produces antibiotics and vitamins. Compost tea is a mixture of chlorine-free water at room temperature, compost, and various other ingredients rich in microorganisms, which also occur in the soil. Compost tea considerably enriches the soil life and is therefore an important tool for organic growers. Compost tea is best aerated for 24 to 36 hours. You can add extra ingredients to the tea during the aeration phase, like BioTabs PK Booster. The aeration increases the micro-organisms in the fluid. BioTabs PK Booster and BioTabs Compost Tea makes it easy for growers to formulate the composition of a, do-it-yourself kit for compost tea, especially for fast-growing annuals. The package consists of rich and powerful compost, with a healthy mixture of active bacteria-dominant micro-organisms, bat-guano, kelp and a few other selected ingredients. In addition, the package contains a unique mixture of bacteria which create phosphorous (P), and mobilising soil potassium (K) which give your plants a large dose of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), a true PK boost!! Maximise this with ORGATREX, a blend of bacteria nutrition, during the aeration causing an explosive multiplication of the micro-organisms in the compost tea. BioTabs PK Booster compost tea is the recipe for a perfect compost tea for fast-growing annuals, with optimal composition, developed over years of testing. Usefully, the BioTabs compost tea package, allows for, small (1L) to larger volumes (100s of litres) to suit the grower.

The Brewing system:

Compost tea brewing systems are sold in specialised stores. But you can also easily make a brewing setup yourself with a bucket, a hose with an aeration stone and an aquarium pump. For larger quantities, use a barrel, a (garden) hose with pricked holes and a powerful pump. The purpose of this installation is to actively pump air into the mixture. Make sure the pump you are using is strong enough to truly get the tea bubbling. You can check for yourself whether your pump is powerful enough. If the tea starts to stink the pump is not powerful enough. Well aerated compost tea smells fresh and pleasant.

Clean the compost brewer well after use. Do not use chlorine, but a solution with 3% hydrogen peroxide, or another cleaning agent.

Preparation of the tea:

Make the compost tea according to the instructions a little before needed. Aerate the mixture for 24-36 hours. The tea only has a shelf-life of a few hours. (up to 4hr.) Use the tea within 4 hours after completing the aeration. Use only good quality natural water, without chlorine. Chlorine kills micro-organisms. If you only have water with chlorine at your disposal, you will have to pre-aerate the water for several hours. The active aeration of the water causes the chlorine to evaporate. Only add compost tea ingredients around 2 hours after pre-aeration. Your tea will be much more effective if you add 1 teaspoon of MYCOTREX (mycorrhiza fungi) for each 5L of tea, half an hour before you stop brewing. You can buy MYCOTREX separately.


Compost tea can be used for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. You can use the mixture by pouring it on the soil. Try to keep the compost tea in motion while pouring including any solid parts. You cannot over do compost tea. The more often you use it, the better your results will be. We encourage you to use our PK Booster compost tea at least three times during a cycle. Do this at least during week 3, 4 and 5 of flowering. You can also spray the compost tea on the leaves. The compost tea will then form a protective layer on the leaves. Hostile fungi will therefore not have a chance to cause damage. If you spray it on the leaves, pay attention to the following: You should first filter the compost tea before you put in a sprayer it, otherwise the sprayer will become clogged. In addition, the tea contains many live micro-organisms. These cannot survive being sprayed on a plant under high pressure. Therefore only use a hand pump. Spray the top and the bottom of the leaves. And preferably do so just before the lights go out or the sun goes down.

  • Mix in room temperature chlorine-free water, per litre: 1 tablespoon (15 gr.) of the PK BOOSTER COMPOST tea mixture 5 ml of ORGATREX
  • Leave to bubble for 24-36 hours.
  • Pour the tea on the soil within 4 hours after the tea is ready. Use half a litre of tea per plant.
  • Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for consumption.

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