BioTabs Orgatrex 1000ml

Size: 1L


BioTabs Orgatrex 1000ml

The BioTabs organic ‘growing & flowering method’ is crafted from an exceptionally wide and unique combination of rich humus, beneficial bacteria and symbiotic fungi, delivering an abundant harvest of extraordinary smoothness, remarkable sweetness and depth.
BIOTABS.EU specializes in isolating and conserving useful bacteria in such a proven and targeted way that their effectiveness remains intact. BIOTABS.EU has succeeded in cultivating pure mycorrhizal spores and drying them while retaining their germinative power. The bacteria and fungi are alive and put into a state of hibernation. As soon as the bacteria come into contact with water, they wake up and begin to multiply. This proven method means that we can provide a 3-year guarantee on our products.

• Organic growing
• Natural flavours
• No pH or conductivity tests necessary
• Use with tap water only
• Potting soil can be reused

Orgatrex 1000ml – Totally organic liquid fertiliser
This pure organic growth and flowering accelerator is used during the growth and flowering phases. Having a high content of trace elements and sugars, this fertiliser works harmoniously with soil bacteria and mycorrhizae from BIOTABS.

How to apply:
• 1,5 ml per litre water
• An Orgatrex/water solution may be stored for two days
• For soil and coco substrates
• For containers and in-ground plants
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing

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