BioTabs Bactrex, 50g



Natural & totally organic, beneficial soil bacteria, containing Trichoderma mould, which especially good for the root system.

Bactrex is a dry, water-soluble powder containing a large number of soil & root beneficial microbes (including 6 strains of Bacillus spp.), Trichoderma fungi and actinomycetes. The combination is specially selected for the desirable effect on soil structure and fertility. These specialised root bacteria are “contained” in soluble Yucca extract with organic catalysts, to guarantee a rapid colonisation and growth of the root zone.

Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms that depend on carbon (energy) from other sources for their survival. A select group of bacteria have specialised in obtaining energy from the fine intake of plant roots (dead root cells, residual organic materials, etc.). Rhizobacteria (root bacteria) form symbiotic relationships with many plants, increasing the solubility of P, K and Ca minerals. They also bind with atmospheric nitrogen thereby increasing the availability of fertilisers present, to the roots. They also work as so-called mycorrhiza helpers. They prepare the way for mycorrhizae to develop in the root system. The bacteria in Bactrex is specially selected, cultivated and packaged by BioTabs, to help growers promote the health and resilience of their plants. Bactrex contains only the bacteria listed.

In addition to the beneficial soil bacteria, Bactrex also contains various effective strains of Trichoderma. Trichoderma's are a species of fungi that are harmful to certain other fungi, including fungi that cause diseases among some plants. For this reason, Trichoderma's should always be used as a soil treatment or immediately after sowing or planting so that they can consume these harmful fungi before they cause disease. Research has shown that the combination of Trichoderma and mycorrhizae combines the advantages of both.

Bactrex contains 8 different bacteria, Trichoderma genus mould and Humic acid.

Directions for use:

For cuttings and seedlings: dissolve 1 gram of Bactrex per litre of water and soak the pots with this solution. Use enough of this solution to wet the surface layer of the potting soil completely. For established plants: Water plants with a solution of 1 gram of Bactrex per litre of water, once every two weeks. Bactrex is a living product, once dissolved in water the solution needs to be applied within 6 hours.

  • Do not overuse. 1 gram = 1 level teaspoon
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for consumption.

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