Venture Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS lamps, 250W, 400W, 600W

Size: 250W


The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum from Venture Lighting is a flowering phase lamp with a power of 250W, 400W or 600W operating from a mains voltage of 220-240 V. This CE-marked HPS/sodium vapour discharge lamp is operated at a mains frequency of 50 Hz. The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamps consists of a clear T46 envelope with an E40 threaded fitting. They have long operating life 24000 h.
The Venture Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamps has a high PAR value: 250W - 85µmol/s, 400W - 140µmol/s, 600W - 215µmol/s.
Luminous intensity: 250W - 33,000lm, 400W - 55,000lm, , 600W - 90,000lm.
Colour temperature of 2000K.
These lamps supports the formation of flowers in particular, but also are good for the growth phase.

Attention: Must be used with a 600W ballast.

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