ALIEN RAIN 8 Pot 15L Black Series

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Key Benefits

  • Mimics rain
  • Even delivery of nutrient solution
  • Flushes residual salts away
  • Supports any growing medium
  • Uses water and nutrients efficiently
  • Eliminates top surface algae
  • Allows medium to dry evenly
  • Quiet operation

Key Features

  • Integrated filtration
  • RAIN™ Brain
  • RAIN™ pump
  • SPX-Flow® pump
  • Drainage bases
  • CAMO® Tank 120L
  • CAMO® Pots
  • Recirculate or RTW
  • Threaded fittings
  • 32mm pipe

System specification:

Minimum footprint: Length: 1.9m Width: 0.75m (Pots as close as possible)
Maximum footprint:  Length: 2.7m Width: 0.95m (with supplied amount of pipe)
CAMO® Tank volume: 120L

Feed Pump:

Model: RAIN™ AR01001

Maximum Flow: 3500 L/hr

Power: 200W

Drain Pump:

Model: SPX-Flow®

Maximum flow: 2270 L/hr

Voltage: 12V DC

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