Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

Size: 0.5L


Advanced Nutrients Tarantula is a microbial additive for your hydroponic systems root zone

Studies show that the key to crop size and strength is plant roots.
Healthy roots are "muscular", intensely branched, thickened and alive. You will not encounter such roots in hydroponics systems very often unless beneficial microbes are introduced into the root zone.
But how to do it?
-Decompose organic matter to allow plants to feed extra
-Increase plant growth rate and yield
-Maximum fertilizer uptake and solubility
-Increase the availability of phosphorus and improve the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to the nitrogen available to the plant
One more thing ... for beneficial microbial products to be successful, they must have many colonies per gram (CFU). Tarantula contains about 10 million viable bacteria per gram, making it almost the strongest fertilizer of its kind.

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