Advanced Nutrients Piranha® 1L

Size: 0.25L


Advanced Nutrients Piranha® is a beneficial fungi additive.

Fungi are essential warriors that maintain a robust and extensive root zone and increase the absorption of critical nutrients.
Transform nutrients into plant-available forms your roots can uptake… While feeding on organic waste so your rhizosphere stays clean and free of harmful debris
Sheathe the root tips and build mycelia, extending the roots so they can capture and solubilize locked-up nutrients
Penetrate the root membranes, effortlessly transporting critical nutrients across the barrier and into your plants
Increase plant tolerance to changes in water, the growing medium, or the environment

With Advanced Nutrients Piranha® you'll:

  • Maximize root growth for optimal yields
  • Create a clean, well-balanced rhizosphere
  • Improve absorption of critical nutrients
  • Increase essential-oil rich biomass

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