Advanced Nutrients Carboload, 0.25L, 0.5L, 1L

Size: 0.25L


Advanced Nutrients Carboload

You must supply your plants with hand-selected carbs to create the optimal conditions for uninterrupted growth.
It's a complete growing system that optimizes conditions for every phase of your crop’s unique genome from seed to senescence.

  • Your root zone absorbs bud-boosting nutrients, optimizing the conditions for your plants to pack on mass
  • Glucose and xylose goes to work increasing terpene production, creating the optimal conditions for sweet, potent flowers
  • An instant source of energy jolts plants awake, enabling them to focus on robust floral growth instead of having to expend energy producing their own carbs
  • Your plants are able to store extra carbs in their energy reserves, so they’ve got plenty of surplus fuel to tap into during blooming and ripening.

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