Plagron Terra Grow, 1 L



Plagron Terra grow, 1 L, for soil
- highly concentrated universally usable growth fertilizer
- usable on all types of soils / potting soils
- excellent for mother plants

- promotes plant growth to serve as a base for a good bloom- and fruit formation
- helps prevent deficiencies during growth
- heightens the plants' vitality
- helps prevent diseases and stress
- availability of trace elements in chelate form

Application / Dilution:
- can be used on all types of soil
- suited for all irrigation systems
- 5 ml Terra Grow per Liter (1:200) with every watering

- pH -4,5 - 6,5
- dissolves in water color- and odorless
- heightens the plants' vitality and produces higher yields
- low consumption due to high concentration
- no fibers, reduces build-up on pots and containers
- based on biologic minerals (food-grade quality)
- is absorbed directly
- yields amazing results
- NPK 2,6-1,3-3

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