LUMII BLACK 720W - LED GROW LIGHT with LUMii Black ballast



Powered and controlled by the LUMii BLACK 600W Electronic Ballast , this high-performing, high-efficiency LED 6 Bar Fixture can be used singly or as part of a lighting array. Lightweight and easy to install, if hung by means of LUMii Rope Ratchets the height of the fixture can be adjusted as your plants grow.The LUMii BLACK 600W Electronic Ballast, mounted directly on the fixture or positioned remotely, can dim the LED Fixture to 400W or 250W, or the 600W Boost setting may be selected to give maximum light output.The LUMii BLACK LED 720W 6 Bar Fixture produces full spectrum light ideal for both growth and bloom. Its PPF of 1870 µmol/s is superior to the PPF of typical 1000W HPS lamps and approaches that of 1000W double-ended HPS lamps. Owing to its construction the light distribution over the crop is more even, and the danger of scorching greatly reduced.

Power: 720w
PPF: 1870 µmol/s
Efficiency: 2.6 µmol/j
Size: 110cm x 108cm x 5cm
Rated Life: 50,000 Hours
Weight (without ballast): 7.8kg
Warranty: 2 years

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