ADDIPURE Dimethyl Ether (DME)



Producing your own ultra-pure essential oil extract, is efficient and easy with ADDIPURE.

Dimethyl Ether (DME) is a gas used as an extraction agent in the production of foods, pharmaceuticals, medicines, cosmetics and body-care products. ADDIPURE is a complete product line for the extraction of plant materials to produce ultra-pure essential oils. Swiss quality since 2014.

ADDIPURE DME is ideal for the extraction of leaves, flowers, herbs, twigs or entire plants, as well as any waste remaining after harvesting or processing crops. ADDIPURE DME is an ultra-pure organic extraction agent with a confirmed purity of 99.99%. Its purity is regularly analysed and audited by an independent Swiss laboratory. Latest audit report.

ADDIPURE Dimethyl Ether (DME) is food-safe and ultra-pure.

Using the example of the cannabis plant, DME provides a broader solution spectrum in terms of flavonoids and terpenes compared to n-Butane. ADDIPURE DME is therefore of interest when it comes to the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes (medical cannabis).

The handy 500ml ADDIPURE DME can facilitates an efficient extraction process and high extraction yields. Dimethyl Ether’s high and broad solution spectrum provides a larger extraction yield compared to n-Butane.

Depending on the amount of plant material placed in the extractor, only a single can of ADDIPURE DME is required for the extraction process. The large 500 ml ADDIPURE can allows for a sustainable reduction in waste compared to smaller cans with less content.

ADDIPURE DME is made in the European Union using environmentally friendly production techniques.

ADDIPURE DME must not be used with extractors made of plastic / plastic components. This material can be broken down by the Dimethyl Ether (microplastics). For extractors made of plastic / plastic components, we recommend ADDIPURE n-Butane.

ADDIPURE PEO extractors are made of food-safe aluminium with an anodised surface. No plastic! In combination with ADDIPURE DME, the extracted oil achieves the highest purity and quality.

ADDITEQ works with the best Swiss and European engineers and designers to create its ADDIPURE products, which are developed using the latest technology. ADDITEQ is committed to developing and producing Europe’s best equipment for plant-material extraction in order to gain ultra-pure essential oil extracts. The ADDIPURE PEO line is designed to efficiently and easily obtain the pure extract. The hallmarks of ADDIPURE products are Swiss quality, functionality and sustainability. Swiss quality since 2014.

Dimethyl Ether is a highly flammable gas. Do not use in enclosed spaces, only outdoors. Keep away from naked flames and other flammable sources. Please observe the ADDIPURE DME Safety Factsheet. For extractors made of plastic / plastic components, use ADDIPURE n-Butane as an extraction agent instead of DME.

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